5 Facts About Hairballs

Being a veterinarian at Animal Care Clinic of Fox Valley in Algonquin , IL my clients commonly have concerns about their cats having hairballs. Here’s interesting hairball facts that I hope you find helpful.

1) More than an occasional hairball is not considered normal.

2) Cats develop hairballs from either digesting an abnormal amount of hair due to skin issues or psychological issues or having a gastrointestinal abnormality allowing them to form.

3) Hairball treats and diets can help prevent hairballs since they are high in fiber they can improve gastrointestinal mobility.

4) Regular brushing can help reduce hairball formation. After brushing, wiping the hair with a damp paper towel can help remove loose hair that the brush did not pick up. The Furminator is a great product to use to remove excess hair.

5) Hairball remedy products Laxatone can also be given to help a hairball pass

If your cat regularly suffers from hairballs please make an appointment with one of veterinarians to be sure your cat does not have a medical problem that needs to be addressed.

Dr. Sharon Payne DVM

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