Exotic Pet Care for Birds, Reptiles and Small Mammals

Your pocket-sized, feathered or scaly family members need routine care just as often as cats and dogs do. Therefore, our Animal Care Clinics in Geneva and South Elgin are happy to provide various services including wellness exams, surgery, diagnostics and minor grooming for your unique companions.

Small mammals, birds and reptiles are a big responsibility. Before choosing one as a pet, do as much research as possible to make sure you can give them a happy, healthy life. You are also welcome to schedule a visit with our veterinarian who can see these different species if you have questions.

Bring Your Exotic Pet in to See Us!

Your pet relies on you for food, shelter and a clean, cozy place to sleep. Furthermore, they also need regular care from a qualified veterinarian. To get started with your new pet or get them back on track with their care, contact our Geneva or South Elgin animal hospitals today! We look forward to being a part of their health journey.

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