The "Tooth" About Pet Dental Care

You brush your teeth twice daily to prevent gingivitis and gum disease. While your pet cannot brush their teeth themselves, routine brushings and cleanings are just as important for their health. In fact, pet dental care plays a fundamental role in helping your pet enjoy a long, happy life.

Gum disease  is the most common health issue we see in pets over three years of age, but pet owners often overlook this area. At the Animal Care Clinics, we hope to reverse this trend and encourage consistent habits by providing the most effective and up-to-date pet dental care services available.

Could Your Pet Have Gum Disease?

Your pet may be experiencing gum disease symptoms without you knowing. This is partly due to animals instinctively hiding their symptoms and continuing to eat and drink as normal, despite their discomfort. However, this can lead to advanced stages of gum disease in which the bacteria that has spread under the gumline enters the bloodstream. From there, the bacteria can travel to various major organs and cause diseases of the heart, liver or kidneys.

Telltale signs of gum disease include:

  • Brown/yellow teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Abnormal drooling
  • Red, swollen, and/or bleeding gums
  • Loose/ broken teeth
  • Swelling around the face/muzzle
  • Lack of interest in chew toys
  • Dropping food while eating

Gum disease is easily preventable with a comprehensive dental plan and a committed pet owner. Our team will make every effort to ensure that your pet stays disease-free and shares as many healthy years with you as possible. Give us a call to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your pet's dental needs!

Pet Dental Care

What You Can Do at Home

If you can start your pet on teeth brushing when they're young, try brushing their teeth daily if possible. The key is to get your pet used to the sensation and make them more cooperative for future brushing sessions. This can also give you and your pet a little extra bonding time.

Luckily, brushing is not the only solution to your pet's bad breath and tartar buildup. In addition to toothpaste and brushes, we also offer OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews and CET Chews, along with Hill's Tartar Diet food as a supplement.


Over 80% of dogs living in households in the US have some stage of gum disease by their 3rd birthday. That's approximately 70 million dogs!

(Source: WebMD Pet Health Feature, reviewed by Amy Flowers, DVM)

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