Pet Grooming Services for Cats, Dogs, and Birds

Grooming is more than just for looks—its important for the health of your pet, too! At our Animal Care Clinics in Chicagoland, we offer comprehensive pet grooming services to keep them looking and feeling their best. Furthermore, we have professional groomers on staff who handle dogs, cats, as well as birds and small mammals. Pamper your pet and bring them in today for professional pet grooming services!

Pet Grooming: Beyond the Aesthetic

Your pet's fur and skin may seem like they can handle anything—a roll in the mud (or something worse), rain and snow, or a good scratch against a tree. But their skin is susceptible to many of the same issues as us. Pets can have dry skin, irritation, dandruff, as well as infections in severe cases. Unfortunately, sometimes the milder symptoms go unnoticed. Regular pet grooming can change (and even prevent) much of these conditions. Our experienced professionals not only treat your pet to a bit of pampering, but their attentive care means they can identify any underlying issues as well. Regular grooming prevents problems such as:

  • Excessive shedding of your furriest beasts
  • Skin irritation and disorders
  • Painful matting of the fur
  • Hairballs

Contact us today to learn more about our pet grooming packages and services!


Does your cat's tongue feel like sandpaper? That's because of the tiny barbs called 'papillae' covering their tongue. These make for an effective grooming tool, which helps cats remove dirt, loose hair, fleas and food residue from their coat. Aside from cleanliness, cats also groom to relieve stress, bond with other cats, and keep cool.

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